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It is rare to find people that are exceptionally talented and still maintain a passion for teaching.  Brian and Alison are that rare find. They are well-schooled in dance and able to use any means to help their students learn and grow.  They certainly have taught me the correct steps, posture, and mechanics of dance.  Over time, their influence has led me to fall in love with dance. 

​Jake M

Excellent dance instructor!  Brian is a wonderful instructor and choreographer!  He is interested in his students and produces great results.

Charla J

Alison was the seventh teacher I tried.  Ten minutes into her class I knew I had found the teacher I was searching for.  It has been such a privilege for me to have been Alison's student for the past seven years...I have learned more than I had ever thought possible given my starting age and level.  Her expertise and lovely personality make every lesson I have with her so enjoyable that before I know it the lesson is over.  

Rose C

Brian has done an excellent job of sharing his large knowledge base with me in a manner that is simultaneously technical and genuinely fun.  Even more impactful is the thoughtfulness and generosity Brian has expressed to me both inside and outside of class, and to all of his other students who I have met over the past several years.  If you have any insecurities or uncertainties before starting dancing, please don't let those allow you to miss out on this incredible experience.

Sophia P

Alison is a devoted teacher who has inspired my child and filled her with confidence.   She is always professional, patient, and kind.  She works hard to instill her technical skills, knowledge, and passion for dance in her students.  I have seen the growth in my daughter's abilities and her maturity over the years she has been a student with Alison.  She has been a wonderful inspiration and mentor to our child.

Maré S

We give the highest recommendation to learning ballroom with Brian.  He is very professional, extraordinarily patient, and always cheerful and encouraging.  Learning with Brian is great therapy and an enriching recreational experience.  As a couple, Brian and Alison have inspired us to tango on, even when we tangled up!

Ari B

Alison is a wonderful teacher.  From a parent's standpoint, we most appreciate the sincere interest she has shown toward our daughter as a dancer as well as a person.  Alison's professional experience, coupled with her ease in demonstrating ballet technique, left us confident in the excellence of her instruction.  Her enthusiasm toward dance is obvious, and her attention to detail is top-notch.

Erin G 

Alison has worked with two of my daughters and their dancing challenges.  Besides being a lovely dancer she is a natural instructor and has an instinctive understanding of how to approach the student to bring out the best in their technique and resolve issues that are holding them back.  Because of her excellent private instruction, my youngest daughter passed her British Dancing Academy exam last year with flying colors and then was elevated to the ballet level above the level she should have transitioned to.  I highly recommend Alison for private instruction.

Robyn G

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