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Private Ballet Lessons

Private ballet lessons are a popular cross-training resource for all styles of dancers - classical ballet training is an excellent form of dance movement, for developing balance, flexibility, agility, posture, and coordination.  


Alison has extensive teaching experience and her private clients include ballroom competitors, musical theater dancers featured in Rising Stars Projects at the Fifth Avenue Theatre, contemporary and jazz dance competitors, youth ballet dancers supplementing their group classes and preparing for Royal Academy of Dance examinations, and adult dancers who wish to receive a more detailed and personal approach to learning than they are able to get from group lessons.  Many of her best private ballet students are adults who missed out on childhood ballet training, and who are seeking additional detail and substance above and beyond what can be attained in adult group classes.  It is never too late to experience learning the grace and beauty of classical ballet.












In-person lessons are available for fully-vaccinated individuals in their home or in-studio.  Virtual lessons are also available using zoom and can be broadcast locally or internationally.  

Alison taught me privately for a few months and it was the most I have ever benefited from any private lessons.   Alison is genuine about her desire to help a student grasp the beauty and technique of ballet.  She takes the extra step to develop lessons and exercises that will continually help the student's improvement.

- Lindsay S

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